Phoenix Ductless Mini-Split AC Systems

Looking for a ductless minI-split ac system? Call Wolfgangs Cooling, Heating & Plumbing today for duct-free cold air!

Have you been avoiding an AC installation because you don’t want the added cost and headache of installing ductwork? Times have changed and ductless AC systems are increasingly popular.

For those without ductwork, Wolfgangs Cooling, Heating & Plumbing has been professionally installing mini-split AC systems in Phoenix, AZ since 1982. Ductless mini-split AC systems provide cool air to multiple rooms in the house, while still controlling your system from an accessible central location.

Mini-splits also use a heat pump, allowing you to optimize your new unit in both the summer and winter. Contact Wolfgangs Cooling, Heating & Plumbing anytime, 24/7, to choose the mini-split AC system that’s right for you!

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Best Applications for a Ductless Mini Split Unit

Mini-split AC systems are highly recommended for houses and rooms where ductwork is too expensive and difficult to install. Some ideal uses for your home are room additions, basements or dens, and converted garages.

If you have a large house with an AC system that isn’t reaching all areas, you can add a mini-split to supplement your current unit. No more hot pockets in certain rooms, you can enjoy cool air in every space of your house.

Take Advantage of These Mini-Split Features

Mini-splits have a variety of customizable features, making them a great option for most homes. Operation is convenient, with easy access, remote controls, adjustable airflow and programmable timers.

You also can enjoy the added savings of a more efficient and sustainable unit, with low-maintenance washable filters. These systems also come with integrated heat pumps, to keep you warm on chilly desert nights.

Enjoy Greater Efficiency & Savings Today

Traditional air duct AC systems can result in up to 30% of lost energy. Your home could be leaking cool air and wasting energy on a daily basis. Mini-split AC systems give you control over your home and electric bill.

You can choose which areas of your home need cooling, as opposed to a duct system that sends air throughout the whole house. The cool air blows immediately into your rooms, without passing through ductwork first, where leaks often occur. For many homes, this is the most efficient AC option.

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