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Your Top 3 Questions About Ductless Answered

No more fighting over the thermostat! When it comes to ductless units, customization is key. These systems can be controlled room by room, allowing you to choose the temperature of your individual room while leaving an opportunity for maximum efficiency. This and more popular questions, when it comes to ductless, are finally answered!


How do ductless systems operate?

Units are installed in different rooms throughout your home, meaning you’re able to set the temperatures independently of each other. This is great for homes because sometimes you’ll find that not all rooms are in need of being cooled, especially when you’re not using them. You’ll have the freedom to turn off an entire room’s unit for as short or long of a time, unlike central air conditioning units, which only function at 100% or 0% capacity. Even more, ductless mini-split units use a heat pump, which means that you’ll be able to optimize your unit in both summer and winter!

What am I looking at for costs?

Ductless units are actually less expensive to install than central A/C units! With ductless systems, you’ll find that there are multiple of them throughout your home. On the other hand, with central air conditioning, you will only have one unit. BONUS: Because you can limit the amount of cooling in certain rooms, you’ll be able to save money and energy!


How will a ductless unit compare with the central A/C unit that I have now?

Many central air conditioning units suffer from leaking. Ultimately, this will cost the homeowner because leaking causes around a 30% loss of energy, and the system will need a repair. Even more, central air conditioning can be noisy whereas ductless units operate quietly.

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