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Why A Professional Should  Install Your HVAC System

Why A Professional Should  Install Your HVAC System

When you choose to replace your HVAC system, there are a few things to consider to get it done RIGHT, and it’s not to DIY! Our Wolfgangs team is always here to help you stay RIGHT & READY for every season. That way you will never doubt the comfort of your home. Keep reading to learn why you should have a professional install your HVAC system.


Installing an HVAC system has more safety complications than one may think. Electrocution from wiring is the most pressing issue since it must be wired to the electrical circuit board to connect to the thermostat. Technicians are specially trained to deal with these electrical issues and have the proper training to ensure the job is done RIGHT. Installing your system yourself is NEVER worth the danger at hand.

Load Calculation

Ensuring you install the appropriate size system for your home is crucial to the performance and efficiency of your system. If your unit is too small for your home, it will be unable to cool down your home, and if it is too large, it will cycle on and off frequently, inflating your utility bill. This is why a load calculation is crucial to ensuring your system is RIGHT for your home! A load calculation helps determine what size unit your home will require. A Wolfgangs technician will do this by matching your home’s cooling capacity with its thermal characteristics.


Although it may be enticing to buy your unit from a third-party source, the installation will require a professional. In Arizona, a permit is required to install an HVAC system and it must comply with zoning codes. Some technicians will only install equipment supplied by themselves due to manufacturer warranties.


If you are looking for a new system, our team is here to help you get RIGHT & READY! Our team is currently offering a NEW system for as low as $94/month! Give Wolfgangs a call today at 480-637-3499 to schedule an appointment.