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What To Do When Heaters Go Bump in the Night

Spooky Heater Sounds and What They Mean

There are some people that love surprises and some people that hate them. But most would agree that surprises about the HVAC system are rarely a good thing. Heater problems can be a hassle to deal with, but it’s essential to fix them quickly before they turn into something worse. There are several different ways that homeowners come to find out their heater is acting up, and one of the most common signs of heater problems is spooky noises. Homeowners should learn to recognize these sounds, and what they mean so they can take action when they occur.

Scraping and Grinding

Scraping and grinding noises are common sounds that signal a heater problem, and that problem typically involves the blower wheel. There are a variety of things that could be wrong with the blower wheel. Most often, the component is old and worn and needs to be replaced. 

Additionally, the blower wheel could be malfunctioning due to poor maintenance. No matter the cause, the issue needs to be resolved quickly since the blower wheel plays a vital role in the heater’s functionality. It is responsible for sending conditioned air off into the rest of the home. If the blower wheel isn’t working, the warm air from the heater can’t be distributed, and those living in the house start to feel uncomfortable from the lack of heat. 

Loud Bangs

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If homeowners hear a banging sound when no one is outside knocking on the door, they may want to check the HVAC system since it may be the noise source. Loud banging sounds are often a sign of an air duct problem, which is very common in the fall months. Temperatures are fluctuating up and down every day. 

One day it’s warm and sunny, and the next it’s cold and breezy. As the temperature fluctuates outside, the temperature inside the home also needs to change to help everyone stay comfortable indoors. However, the frequent temperature changes indoors can cause the duct walls to move, which results in a loud bang. 

One other reason for the loud banging sounds is a dirty gas burner. Of course, this is only applicable to houses with a gas furnace, but it is a common problem. As dirt collects on the burner over time, it can delay the ignition, causing gas to build up. Once the burners finally ignite, the gas buildup can let out a loud banging noise.


Screeching noises can be an unnerving sound to hear, like fingernails on a chalkboard or tires screeching on the road as someone tries to break quickly. Screeching sounds inside the home are commonly a sign of a heater problem due to an issue with the following components:

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  • Blower motor
  • Blower belt
  • Shaft bearings

These components require proper maintenance and lubrication. If they do not receive the maintenance they need, it can lead to those irritating screeching sounds and heater failure.

Homeowners should pay close attention to these noises and any other noises they hear, especially in the coming months as the seasons change. Noticing these sounds helps homeowners recognize that there’s a heater problem and fix it quickly before the heater fails completely. With winter approaching quickly, this is definitely a problem homeowners want to avoid.

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