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Watch Out for These Signs of a Failing AC Before Summer

Signs An AC Needs Repair Before Summer Starts

Spring is in full splendor, which means that summer is right on its heels. All around the Valley of the Sun, AC units are already in full use. Even in the desert, AC units get a break during the winter months. So it’s normal for some homeowners to experience some strange happenings with their AC units. As the AC shakes off the cobwebs of hibernation, it’s fairly normal for some minor issues. However, sometimes what is a serious problem gets shrugged off as a minor issue. Knowing when an AC needs repair is half the battle, so read on to discover signs an AC needs repair before summer heats up. 

Low Airflow and Hot Air

hot at home It can be hard to remember what quirks a well-functioning AC system has when it hasn’t been used in a while. Did it always take this long to cool the house down? Was the airflow always this low? Did it always smell this way? These are common questions many homeowners ask in the spring. But low airflow and the AC blowing hot air are sure-fire signs that something is wrong. However, before calling an AC company, make sure to check the air filter. This can cause low airflow. If the filter looks clean, it’s time to call for help. 

Other common causes of low airflow include a blower malfunction, a frozen evaporator coil, a leak in the ductwork, or a blockage in the ducts. If the AC is blowing warm or hot air, check the batteries in the thermostat (if applicable) and the air filter. If these look good, it could be a problem with the condenser coils, the evaporator coils, or possibly even the refrigerant levels. These should all be checked by a professional.   


There are a few different leaks that are possible on an AC system, and none of them mean anything good. An HVAC tech should check any kind of leak. The first type of leak homeowners experience is a water leak. Depending on the cause of the water leak, it could be an easy fix. Often, water leaking into a home means that a clogged drain line or a malfunctioning condensate pump. It could also be an issue with the evaporator tray, causing the water to leak out. 

Refrigerant leaks are a little more complicated, both to locate and to repair. There are several types of refrigerant leaks that can only be found by a trained professional. If an AC system is experiencing a refrigerant leak, a tech must locate it, repair it, and recharge the system in order to get the AC blowing cold air again. 

Weird Noises


All AC systems make noise. Some are louder than others, and most of them have little sounds that are unique to them but don’t necessarily mean anything is wrong. Other sounds can mean any number of things. 

A blower motor malfunction can make knocking noises. Older units that are belt-operated can make squeaking sounds if the belt is damaged or malfunctioning. Newer models have bearings that can cause grinding or squealing noises. Homeowners that experience strange noises should call an AC repair company to take a look at the issue. 

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