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Top Air Conditioning Repair Tricks to Borrow From the Pros

Learning Essential Air Conditioning Repair Tips From the Pros

Arizona is known for being hard on pretty much everything. Cars, people, pets, and especially air conditioning units. With blazing summers, frigid winters, and walls of dust rolling through during Monsoon Season, it’s no wonder AC unit repairs are needed as much as they are.

HVAC techs have seen it all, and know how to prevent it. This is why they want to share a few of their best tips for ensuring your air conditioning unit has a long and fruitful life. A little maintenance goes a long way, especially in the Valley of the Sun.

Check Your Thermostat First

If you’re having problems with your much-needed air conditioner, the best place to start is your thermostat. You never know if what seems like a big problem could be caused by something as simple as a battery change. Or, even better, if you can fix the issue by switching the unit into the correct setting.


Of course, the interior connections can sometimes become caked with gunk or dust in particularly dusty climates, but this is fairly rare. If everything looks good at your thermostat, it’s time to move on to the next tip.

Remember to Change Filters Frequently

air filtersA dirty air filter can be a good indication that your system is working harder than it should. When a filter becomes clogged with dirt and dust it makes the HVAC system work harder to send air through, causing your system to strain, especially if the filter isn’t changed for a long time.

Many problems with HVAC systems start when filters aren’t changed regularly. A maintenance schedule is great for this reason. Setting yourself reminders to do this as often as recommended works, too.

For most homes without pets, you can change your filters every three months. If you have a pet or two, change them closer to every two months to keep your system running smoothly.

Clean Gunk out of Your AC Unit

While regularly changing your air filters helps to keep your overall system clean, it’s also a good idea to clear out any dust and debris at least once a year. When the moving parts of your system are covered in dirt and dust, they’ll start to struggle and wear down over time.

The best time to clean your central AC system is just before it will be in heavy use. Use the nice weather before it gets hot to your advantage and clean your system. Most of this you can do on your own with just a little research and a few household tools.

clean system

You can start by shutting off power to the unit. For basic cleaning, you’ll want to remove the top of your outdoor AC unit and clean off the fan blades attached. From there you can vacuum out leaves, dust, and debris that have gathered in the unit over the cool months. You can clean the cooling fins by spraying them with a hose, from inside to out, to keep the gunk out of the system. Before turning the power back on, make sure you’ve put everything back together and let the unit dry off.

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