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Top 7 Plumbing New Year's Resolutions

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plumbing, plumber, plumbers, plumbing contractor, plumbing tips, new years resolutions, plumbing new years resolutions

Top 7 Plumbing New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year! It's that time when you may be starting to set new goals and develop new habits for yourself. While you're at it, don't forget to also set new goals and new habits for your plumbing! Here are the top 7 plumbing new year's resolutions you should consider in 2023.

1. Don't Flush Foreign Objects Down The Toilet

Have you made a habit or flushing cotton balls, hair, or even "flushable" wipes? These are considered foreign objects. A toilet is designed to really handle only two things: toilet paper and waste. Items like cotton balls, hair, toys, garbage, paper towels, diapers and feminine hygiene products are considered "non-flushable". You may be wondering why flushable wipes aren't safe. Well, even though they say they're flushable, they unfortunately don't break down as easily and can clog your pipes.

2. Fix Leaks Right Away

If you've put off fixing that small faucet leak, now is the time to stop procrastinating. The new year is the perfect time to fix all leaks around your home, no matter how big or small they appear to be. This will help you avoid high water bills and water damage.

3. Get Rid of Chemical Drain Cleaners

When you notice a clogged drain, your first thought is probably to take out the drain cleaner you have stored away. Start the new year off right by throwing all chemical drain cleaners away! Why? Because most drain cleaners are full of toxic chemicals that are not only harmful to your plumbing pipes, but they can also be extremely harmful to your health. No matter what piping material you have and how tough it is, drain cleaners can eat through the pipe itself trying to clear clogs. The best thing to do is avoid cleaning your drains with drain cleaner, and hire a professional drain cleaning company like Wolfgangs instead.

4. Take Care Of Your Water Heater

Make sure to flush, drain and clean your water heater often. Doing this can help you prevent malfunctions, costly repairs, and breakdowns. Flushing your water heater, in particular, can help remove any mineral, dirt, or sediment build-up that has accumulated over time. This will help keep your plumbing (and your water) healthy!

5. Pay Attention To Your Water Quality

If your skin and hair feels dry, your water tastes funky or smells bad, and you notice stains on your clean dishes, then you could be dealing with hard water. Poor water quality is the number one reason homeowners invest in a water filtration system. If you're dealing with poor water quality, consider adding "install a whole-house water filtration system" to your new year's to-do list!

6. Be Careful With Your Garbage Disposal

Remember that garbage disposals aren't garbage cans - and shouldn't be treated as such. That means you should avoid putting items like coffee grounds, bones, grease, fat, oil, pits, seeds, fibrous vegetables and potato peels down the drain. These items can either cause damage to your blades or lead to clogs.

7. Schedule Routine Plumbing Maintenance

Last but certainly not least, schedule routine plumbing maintenance with a professional every year - starting now! A professional will be able to look at your entire plumbing system and ensure everything is in good working condition. This can save you money in the long run and also catch problems early on before they lead to extensive damage in your home.

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