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Top 6 Scary Things Lurking Inside Your Plumbing

plumbing, scary plumbing issues, scary plumbing problems, plumber, plumbers

plumbing, scary plumbing issues, scary plumbing problems, plumber, plumbers

Top 6 Scary Things Lurking Inside Your Plumbing

You'd like to think only clear, fresh water is flowing through your pipes. When you think of anything else happening in your plumbing system, it can be quite scary. The last thing you want to think about is mold growth, rodent infestation, or flies taking over. Here are the top 6 scary things you may find lurking inside your plumbing and what to do about it.

  1. 1. Drain Flies

Drain flies are attracted to dirty drains, and you my find them in areas like your kitchen or bathroom. While they're not dangerous, they are annoying and you're probably desperate for a solution to remove them once and for all. Usually, they will go away on their own, but you should plan to clean your drains to really make sure they disappear for good. Professional drain cleaning is a great solution for this problem.

2. Mold

Mold thrives in moist, damp and dark conditions so many homeowners find it in areas like the kitchen and bathroom. Wherever there's a water leak, drain pipe, or flooding, it's not unlikely to find mold. Most of the time, you can tell if there is mold because of the musty odor you smell. However, sometimes it's hidden and not as noticeable. The best way to avoid mold is to clean up any leaks right away before mold has the chance to grow. If you do notice mold, such as in your drains, try using a baking soda and vinegar mixture.

3. Rodents and Pests

Did you know that rats can live within the piping of your sewer system? Talk about terrifying! If you are one of the unlucky ones to have rats in your drains, they could crawl up through your pipes into your toilet or tub. Like drain flies, they're mostly attracted to dirty drains so it's a good idea to plan to have your drains professionally cleaned regularly to avoid a rodent infestation. Rodents can cause a lot of damage to your plumbing. They may chew through water pipes and trigger clogs. Make sure you seal any holes that you may find to keep them from entering, and setting out a water source (such as a dog bowl) to keep them from chewing your water lines. If you do have a rodent problem, of course it's recommended to look into extermination but these tips will help you until you're able to get ahold of pest control.

4. Tree Roots

Tree roots can infiltrate your pipes when in search for water. When they're not able to find enough water in the soil, they'll break through your pipes - which can be inconvenient and costly problem. While your pipes can handle a lot, they cannot handle oversized roots and the pressure that comes with them. To avoid tree roots from attacking your pipes and causing serious damage, make sure you have your drains and pipes regularly cleaned.

5. Mineral Build-Up

If your home has hard water, it's not uncommon for calcium deposits to present themselves in your pipes. Hard water is water that has a high mineral content from calcium and magnesium. Not only can these mineral cause your drains to clog, but they can also cause bitter tasting water, fading laundry, spotty dishes, and more. The best way to help prevent mineral build-up is to install a whole-house water filtration system.

6. Hair and Soap Scum

We all have experienced hair and soap scum in places like our shower, tub, sinks, and more. It's the white solid residue that forms when soap gets mixed with hard water that contains high levels of magnesium and calcium. Hair and soap scum can not only cause a range of plumbing problems if left unaddressed, but it can also be a health hazard because of the bacteria growth. The best ways to prevent hair and soap scum is to use mesh drain taps, and to also take care of your drains by regularly cleaning them.

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