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Tips To Increase Your Home's Heating Efficiency This Holiday Season

Heat Pumps Warm Homes Efficiently During the Cold Winter Months

Heat pumps have been around for a while in some form or another. The basic concept remains the same no matter what the appliance. Refrigerators and air conditioners use heat pumps to function correctly. But the heat pumps for homes have become widely popular in recent years. This is because advances in technology have made heat pumps a feasible alternative to modern, dual unit HVAC systems. 

However, the name ‘heat pump’ is a little misleading. In fact, heat pumps can do the job of both an air conditioner and a furnace, only there is no need for two separate systems. Read on to discover all about heat pumps and their benefits. 

Heat Pump Operation


The basic operation of a heat pump is the same, whether it’s heating or cooling. Like an AC system, there is an indoor and an outdoor unit. When it’s cold outside, the outdoor unit pulls heat from the air and pumps it into the home. It may come as a surprise to many homeowners that there’s still ambient heat in the air when it’s cold outside. In fact, heat pumps can work efficiently at temperatures above freezing. Some heat pumps use an electric heating element to produce heat when it’s below freezing. That heat is then transferred inside the house. Thanks to advancing technology, this process is very energy-efficient. 

The Energy-Efficient Features of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps can work very well when paired with furnace heaters for those areas that experience extremely cold temperatures much of the winter. The heat pump operates above a certain threshold (usually above freezing), and when the temperature drops below that point, the furnace kicks on. Since heat pumps are more energy-efficient than furnaces, this saves on heating bills and reduces the home’s carbon footprint. 

Heat pumps are also available with advanced features like two-speed compressors that operate only at the level required at that time. This reduces compressor noise, allows the compressor to last longer, and saves on energy costs. 

Other Heat Pump Benefits


Since heat pumps can both heat and cool, they require less maintenance than a traditional HVAC system. This also means that there is one less system to worry about. The heat pump does the job of both a heater in the winter and an AC in the summer, meaning homeowners don’t have to prepare each system to work. 

Plus, in climates where the temperature rarely drops below freezing (like here in the Valley), heat pumps can function as the sole heating and cooling unit, completely replacing the traditional HVAC system. Finally, since heat pumps only use electricity to power fans, a compressor, and a pump (instead of to create heat), they can be up to 300% more efficient than other heating systems. This makes them ideal for use by energy-conscious homeowners. 

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