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Three Resolutions for Your HVAC System in 2021

How To Improve the HVAC System This New Year

The new year is when most people make plans to improve the next 365 days of their lives. While planning the lifestyle, budget, and social changes for 2021, homeowners should think about improving their homes for the new year, too! Looking to improve the home’s HVAC system through maintenance, care, and regulation is a fantastic goal to start the New Year off. Wondering how to get the goal started? Keep reading to find out.

Bi-Annual Maintenance 


It’s easy to forget about the air conditioner and furnace. They don’t get much attention until they stop working. Unfortunately, a lot of problems that do arise with the HVAC system are a result of negligence. 

The heater, ductwork, and air conditioner require cleaning and maintenance, just like any other piece of equipment. Scheduling twice a year maintenance appointments helps ensure that any problems are caught before they become an emergency. During annual maintenance, the HVAC technician will investigate the HVAC system for leaks, tears, or other damage. The technician will also clean and replace any parts that need it. 

There are countless benefits of having bi-annual maintenance done. Many new systems require maintenance to occur for warranties to remain active. Plus, cleaning and maintaining the systems allow them to work more efficiently, saving homeowners money on their utility bills. 

Routine Air Filter Replacement

The air conditioner and furnace’s filter often goes forgotten until the home’s air is suddenly musty and dusty. The air filter plays a vital role in keeping the air of a home free of allergens and irritants and is one of the main ports of entry through which the home’s air circulates. 


When the air filter becomes clogged and dirty, the air will stop flowing efficiently through the HVAC system and will become polluted and harmful to breathe. How quickly the air filter becomes dirty and inefficient depends on the household and filter. Thicker filters last longer, with 2-3 inch filters lasting more than six months. Homes with pets, smokers, and four or more occupants will need to replace filters more often; cheaper 1-inch filters will likely need to be replaced every three months, and thicker ones every six months or so. 

If homeowners are unsure when to replace the air filter, the home will give them a few signs. If there is visible dust in the air, musty smells coming from the vents, or the air is struggling to circulate through the vents, the filter may be clogged. A quick look at the filter will confirm any need for replacement. 

Thermostat Regulation

Winter and summer bring extreme temperatures that put the HVAC system to the test. No matter the temperature, one key way to prevent any extra strain on the HVAC system and ensure comfort levels in the home is to regulate the thermostat.

Programmable and non-programmable thermostats can all be kept at the perfect temperature to maintain the home’s comfort. During times when a home is unoccupied, temperatures should remain around 70 degrees in the winter and 65 in the summer. During occupied times, keeping temperatures between 72 and 75 degrees will keep the home comfortable. More importantly, having a scheduled program for the thermostat will keep the utility bills down and keep the home more energy-efficient. 

Keeping the HVAC system in good shape keeps the home comfortable and saves homeowners money over the year. 

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