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There's No Time Like Now for Heater Replacement

Watch for These Signs Your Heater Needs Replacing This Fall

As the temperatures continue to drop and winter approaches, more and more people are beginning to fire up their heaters. Most of these units have been sitting dormant all spring and summer, and it can be a surprise for many homeowners who find that their heater is acting strange. Or worse, they aren’t working at all. But sometimes, the problems aren’t apparent or seem minor at first. 

Some homeowners may be tempted to roll the dice and ignore the issues mentioned below, but that is asking for trouble when the heater is working around the clock during the coming winter. 

How Old Is Your Heater?

Technician inspecting a furnace

The age of a heater is a significant factor as to when homeowners should start thinking about replacement. Modern heaters last an average of 15 to 20 years with regular maintenance and care. But even newer heaters can experience catastrophic failure when they don’t get proper maintenance. Homeowners who have a heating unit that’s over 10 years old and experiencing problems should consult a professional for advice on whether to replace the heater or just continue to fix the issues. 

Does Your Heater Break Down Often?

No matter the age of the heater, regular breakdowns or recurring issues can mean that it’s time to consider heater replacement. When the repairs start to add up, the total cost of maintaining the failing system can be much higher than the cost of replacing it. Some breakdown issues include the unit not producing enough heat, short cycling (when the unit turns on and shuts off shortly after), the thermostat not responding, or the heater making strange noises.

Have Your Utility Bills Skyrocketed?


The last major indication that a heater is failing is the number on the utility bill. Homeowners that see their bill skyrocket, no matter what type of fuel their heater runs on, may be dealing with a failing heater. However, other things can cause a high heating bill that homeowners should verify to narrow down the issue. Things like leaky doors and windows, damaged insulation, dirty air filters, or an accidental thermostat scheduling error can all result in a rise in heating costs. 

Those homeowners who have determined that their heater is to blame should consider replacing the unit. Older heating units are far less energy-efficient than newer units. Even at their best, some older units are only rated at 50% to 70% efficiency. Newer heating units, on the other hand, can be rated as high as 98%. For this reason, replacing an older heater with a newer one can pay for itself in a matter of months, thanks to the cost-saving energy-efficiency.  

Of course, yearly maintenance checks to a heater, which are best done in the fall, can help solve some issues before they start. Part of keeping a heating unit healthy for years to come is regular maintenance. 

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