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The Proper Science of Dirty Air Filters And Your Health

Risks Of Using Dirty Air Filters In Your HVAC System

Clean air and its benefits in the home aren't necessarily something people think about on a regular basis, but it has more of an effect on health than most give it credit for. Dust, mold, pet dander, and other toxins permeate the air and can cause all kinds of respiratory and digestive issues.

Some airborne particles, like mold, can even cause an autoimmune response in some people. Too often people do things like trying to clean disposable air filters to cut costs, but this can negatively impact your air quality, which could lead to expensive health problems down the line.

How Air Filters Can Prevent Future Health Issues

First, it’s important to know how your air filter works. Your HVAC system sucks and pushes air throughout your home day-in and day-out. During this process, circulated air is pushed through your air filter, removing toxins, dust, pet dander, and mold from being recirculated throughout your home. If you aren’t using clean air filters, fewer toxins will be collected from the air before being recirculated.

health issues

This means there are more toxic particles to breathe in that can make you sick. Harmful toxins can be brought in from outside via the air, pets, shoes, and more, but they also come from common synthetic household cleaners and air fresheners. It’s important to have a clean air filter to remove as many toxic particles from the air in your home as possible.

Why Cleaning Air Filters Isn’t A Smart Choice

cleaning air filtersSome people choose to try to start cleaning air filters and then reuse them. Air filters are disposable and made of pleated paper or spun fiberglass in a cardboard frame. They trap toxic particles and dust in the small porous material, which prevents the unsavory particles from being recirculated throughout your home and then breathed in.

When only the outer layer of dust is removed from the fabric, it isn’t able to perform its job properly. Not only is this risky to your health, but it also can damage your HVAC system by causing the compressor motor to work harder. If your compressor works overtime it can lead to higher electric bills and can eventually cause the demise of your whole system.

It is recommended that air filters are replaced with a new filter every 2 months during cold weather and every month during warm weather. This will ensure the maximum amount of air pollution is caught in the filter. This cost of new air filters is relatively small in comparison to the potential expensive health problems or a new HVAC system after your compressor burns out from overuse down the road.

Set Yourself Up For An Air Quality Upgrade

Since air quality is directly linked to your health, it’s important to take every step you can toward giving you, your family, and pets an air quality upgrade. Always use a new disposable air filter when changing your filter out. Old filters are full of dust, mold, mildew, pet dander, many other toxins, and require an air filter upgrade.

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Many of these particles are microscopic, so you may think you’ve knocked them all off, but you’re really recirculating them through your home. Armed with your new knowledge, you can choose to use a fresh air filter to ensure the highest quality air for you and your family.

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