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Thanking Heating and Air Conditioning Technicians This Thanksgiving

Why Celebrate Your HVAC Techs this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a national holiday that has been celebrated by families all across the United States since 1621. It is often considered one of the most important holidays of the year, not only time to feast and get together with loved ones, but also to take time out to say thank you to all the people that enrich and enhance everyone’s daily lives.

When making a list of the people to say thank you to, homeowners should remember to spend a few minutes thanking HVAC technicians this Thanksgiving.

They Help with Air Quality

indoor air qualityOne reason everyone should be thanking HVAC technicians is for their ability to keep the air in the home clean and safe for the whole family. With an estimated 90% of awake time being spent indoors, inner air quality is incredibly important for health and wellbeing, no matter the age.

The air that comes through the HVAC unit is actually filtered from outdoors, which means it is potentially full of outdoor allergens and pollutants. HVAC technicians keep these units operating at full strength, which allows those systems to literally filter out all of the things that make people (especially those suffering from allergies or asthma) ill.

In fact, asthma flare-ups have been proven to be directly related to poorly functioning HVAC systems, in some cases. Thanking HVAC technicians is a nice reminder to the people that literally keep homeowners and their families healthy, especially during the cooler months.

Keeping Your Indoor Temperatures Ideal

Without HVAC technicians, homes would be nearly uninhabited in both the summer and winter, especially here in Arizona. With the persistence of climate change hanging over everyone’s heads, spending time thanking HVAC technicians is a great way to acknowledge the important part they play in the comfort and safety of daily life in a warmer climate.

right temperature

Every single day, the continued functionality of the home’s HVAC system owes a debt of gratitude to the skilled men and women that help them continue to run and fix them if they have problems. Whether it’s air conditioning in the summer or heating in the winter, this year, while enjoying dinner in a temperature-controlled environment with friends and family, raise a toast to the technicians that made it possible.

They’re Available for “Heating Services Near Me”

heating servicesThis time of year, one of the most frequently searched phrases is people looking for “heating services near me.” While many people are resting comfortably in their homes or heading off to spend time with loved ones, HVAC technicians are staffing the local businesses that continue to stay readily available to assist customers with their (sometimes emergent) heating needs.

Homeowners should make sure that thanking HVAC technicians is high on their list of Thanksgiving priorities, as these people give up time with their own families to help their customers stay comfortable while they spend time with theirs. Take the time to drop by the office or make a quick phone call to express appreciation to these incredibly important members of society.

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