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New Year New Heating And Cooling Tips For Optimal Performance

HVAC Tips for the New Year

With the holiday season comes plenty of festivities, family time, and presents. But once that’s all over, it’s also the time of year when it’s common to self-reflect on self-improvement. The new year is a chance to reinvent oneself and find time to learn new things.

While this often encompasses diets, gym time, and overall self-improvement, it’s also a time to work on things that can improve your life at home as well. Your HVAC system is essential for your comfort every day, and spending some time improving it can go a long way as well. This article will discuss some of the best resolutions you can make for your home.

Air Conditioners Need Sun Protection Too!

sun protectionThe heat from the sun can overheat the HVAC system and lead to all sorts of problems. It’s important to take precautions and invest in sun protection for the HVAC system before any problems arise. Overheating can be a major concern for the parts inside of the HVAC system.

Usually installing the HVAC in direct sunlight is avoided, but sometimes it can't be. There are several simple and inexpensive sun protection solutions for an HVAC system. One way to protect the system from the sun is to build a fence or awning over it. An umbrella could work as well.

There are also some protectors that are for sale on the market specifically made for sun protection for HVAC systems. Choosing a lightweight sun protection screen is probably the most cost-effective option for protecting an outdoor HVAC unit that is placed in direct sunlight.

Clear Vent Circulation Ensures Clear Air

It is important to make sure that the vents of the HVAC system get cleaned on a regular basis to keep the system working at its optimum function. Too often, HVAC issues are due to a simple lack of proper cleaning and maintenance. Taking a few moments to clean the vents will help extend the lifetime of the HVAC system for years and maximize the performance.

clear vent circulation

Setting a schedule for maintenance can help maintain clear ventilation. Having a set schedule is an effective way for most people to remember to clean the vents on a regular basis. This simple step can save tons of time and money in the future if clear vent circulation is cut off and causes issues for the unit.

Tips For Cleaning The HVAC Drainage Hole

hvac drainage holeHVAC systems have a draining hole that allows moisture to be removed from the HVAC unit. Older HVAC systems didn’t have a drainage hole. Moisture in the HVAC unit was found to cause rust and damage, which is why they started installing an HVAC drainage hole in each unit.

Cleaning the HVAC drainage hole is important for protecting against damage caused by clogs. Including cleaning the HVAC drainage hole in the maintenance routine for the HVAC system will help extend the lifetime of the system.

The moisture and debris can be gross, so it’s recommended that gloves are used when cleaning the hole. If mold or debris clog up the HVAC drainage hole it can cause mold and rust to damage the parts of the HVAC and eventually destroy its performance.

Wolfgang’s Cooling & Heating: New Year, Same Amazing Service

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