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If It's Autumn, It's Time for a Furnace Tune-Up

Fall Furnace Tune-up Maintenance Benefits 

When life doesn’t stop running, it can be challenging to stop and remember to take care of the things that tend to get taken for granted. Home furnaces are one of those things. They are usually located in a part of the home that is away from sight because they are considered an eyesore. In reality, though, they are responsible for the home’s comfort level and cleanliness, to some degree. Fall is the time of year when furnace maintenance can provide the most benefits for homeowners and their furnaces. 

There is a long list of benefits, but in this article, furnace experts want to make sure homeowners are informed of these three reasons in particular: 

It’s a Busier Time for the House

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Fall and Winter are the months out of the year notorious for family gatherings and spending more time at home than at any other time of the year. It’s the time of year that makes homeowners want to get cozy with loved ones no matter the weather outside. 

That said, the added traffic within the home and just time spent indoors, in general, can lead to issues with the furnace. When the home is busier, it can lead to the system being overworked. The home temperatures become harder to balance because some rooms might be hotter than others from all the body heat. Not only that, but it also means exterior doors could be opening more often with an increase in family dinners this time of year. 

Regardless, having maintenance done at the beginning of the season can ensure it is ready to perform efficiently with little to no surprises during the winter months. 

It’ll Put More Money in Homeowners’ Pocket


For those with a long holiday gift list, the benefits of regular Fall furnace maintenance could extend into their gift shopping budget. That’s right, the benefits of regular Fall furnace maintenance even include saving homeowner’s money. 

Some of the common benefits include: 

  • Monthly energy bill decrease
  • Fewer problems and repairs needed
  • Extend the life of the furnace
  • More efficient furnace

In other words, it pays to maintain a home’s furnace, which leaves no room for any disadvantages. Regular furnace maintenance is a must for all homeowners.

Skipping Maintenance Can Be Damaging

The only systems that seem to suffer are those that are not adequately maintained. After years of consistently working, a furnace will start to experience issues more frequently. A furnace that isn't properly maintained will also be less efficient, as the filter may be clogged up. This can lead to health risks for those with respiratory issues like asthma or allergies. 

In turn, this means the homeowner pays more out of pocket in repairs and replacements. Over time, this really adds up. However, it’s something that is easily missed if the homeowner doesn’t keep track of it. Regular furnace maintenance gives the homeowner a visual representation of the progression and condition of the furnace. This makes it nearly impossible to forget about, and therefore easy to maintain. 

Wolfgang’s Cooling & Heating Knows HVAC Systems

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