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From February Cold to Southern Heat


Here in the south, we know how to deal with heat, and we know how to deal with the cold. While this time of year the temperatures are lower, we're always prepared for them to rise again within a few weeks. And, hey! Earlier this month we had good news that spring will be here before we know it!

The best way to prepare for the changing seasons and changing temperatures is to make sure your home has a working HVAC system. Getting your heater and AC in order will help you stay comfortable from February, all the way through the spring and summer.

Central HVAC is a Necessity

centralhvacLet's start with centralizing your HVAC systems. We know that at this time of the year, temperatures tend to vary from day to day, which means you'll likely be adjusting the temperature of your house every day.

Central HVAC is a convenience everyone should enjoy because it keeps the temperature in your home consistent across all rooms.

We all know that shock when you open a door and transition from one room or hallway that feels comfortable to a room that is too hot, or from a room that's nice and toasty to a room that is freezing. It is not a pleasant feeling. Central HVAC can help you avoid that whole situation because it allows you to control the temperature throughout your entire home from a single, central location.

Get The Best Heating Services in The East Valley

heatingservicesThe last thing you want after a nice, relaxing, three day weekend like Presidents' Day is to realize your heater is not working correctly.

Unfortunately, your heater doesn't much care if you freeze without it. It will just stop working, with no warning. That's when you need a reliable HVAC company like Wolfgang's Cooling & Heating!

We do care about your comfort in your home, so we are always ready to offer our top of the line heating services, even on the most inconvenient days. You don't have to worry about getting stuck in the middle of summer without AC either! We also have great AC services available when you need them most.

Keep Your Air Clean by Changing Your AC Filter

acfilterThere’s even something you can do yourself to help keep your HVAC systems running efficiently.

Make sure to change your AC filter at least every 90 days, or every 30 days in the spring or if you are doing construction in or around your house.

Changing your AC filter not only keeps things like dust, pollen, dirt, dander, and more out of your air, but it also helps your HVAC unit stay cleaner and therefore more efficient. Now you know how you can partner with Wolfgang's Cooling & Heating to keep your home comfortable throughout the President's Day weekend and all the seasons ahead.

So now, make sure to give us a call to schedule an appointment! Call (928) 766-0872any time to speak with a highly trained HVAC technician in the Tempe, AZ about getting your HVAC system in working order!