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Essential Tips to Improve Your Family Heating & Cooling System

Learn the Professional Tips for Family Heating and Cooling

No matter where you live and what the weather is like, everyone can use more tips when it comes to keeping energy bills low. When you are forced to spend your money on other obligations all the time, why wouldn’t you want to save money anywhere you could?

Your home is a place of comfort, but when the energy bill is outrageous, it may not seem so comfortable. The professionals in the HVAC industry know all the tricks to have the most efficient homes. Continue reading to learn a few of the tricks that can keep your energy bill reduced this year.

You Can’t Have Too Much Insulation

Insulation works wonders for keeping the heat in the home. It is also great to have in the house because it is relatively cheap to replace and it lasts upwards of 15 years or more. If your house is having trouble holding in the heat, though, then it could be that your insulation needs replaced or you simply don’t have enough of it in your home.

Another thing to keep in mind is any cracks within the walls and ceilings. Cracks are wide open doors for air to slip in and out of and sometimes it takes caulk to completely seal these cracks. You can always try to stuff extra insulation behind the cracks first, but you may end up caulking them in later.

increase insulationIf you are wondering where home insulation is supposed to be installed, the answer is anywhere and everywhere it can fit. Some important places include:
  • All exterior and interior walls
  • Vented crawl space
  • Loft or attic
  • All floors
  • All ceilings

If you have an attached garage, it is also recommended to insulate this because it is a part of the house and therefore heat can escape through it.

Curtains and Screens Play an Important Role in Efficiency

You can insulate your entire house from top to bottom, but if you have a lot of windows and you don’t have blackout curtains or screens, you will be losing a lot of temperature through your windows. Curtains and screens play a huge role because windows are essentially holes in your walls.

Air escapes and goes into the home through small cracks in your windows and even through the glass itself if the windows are older. Curtains and screens will keep the heat in during the winter and the heat out during the summer.

use curtains

Not to say you can’t ever allow the sun to shine in your home! Let’s be honest, you may have chosen that house because of how many windows it had. If you are someone that enjoys letting sunlight into the home on a nice day, then do it! Cover the windows where the sun maybe isn’t shining directly in and leave the others open. This will ensure the most efficiency possible while still allowing some light in.

Keep the House Fans Going

use house fansYou may have always thought your ceiling fans were just meant for the summertime, but you can actually increase the efficiency of your home if you let them go all year long. No to mention you will give your HVAC system a break, which will help preserve the life of it for years to come by avoiding common HVAC problems.

There are a few things to remember about your ceiling fans before you enter each new season. If it is summertime, you want your fan to spin counter-clockwise. The counter-clockwise motion will bring the air from the room down onto you, which gives you the cool feeling you want when it’s hot out.

On the other hand, during the winter the fan should spin clockwise. This motion will push the hot air up and out toward the ceiling and walls, while it grabs the cool air from the room and brings it away from you.

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