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Earth Day Might Be Over, But You Can Still Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Implement These Eco-Friendly Practices To Make Every Day Earth Day!

Earth Day is not the only time people can celebrate Mother Earth and take stock of energy usage. Those things should be done year-round! Some homeowners dread this because they think it means drastic changes to their habits. While it’s certainly possible to take energy conservation to the extreme, there are also easy ways to cut back on a home’s carbon footprint and save a little money in the process. Every little bit of energy saved helps reduce consumption, which reduces the environmental impact people have on the earth. So read on to discover fun and easy ways to conserve energy and celebrate Earth Day, every day. 

Open Windows to Freshen Air

Windows are wonderful things. They let in natural light, which reduces the need for electric consumption during the day. But they also provide access to free air conditioning. Everyone has felt a nice, cooling breeze of fresh air. This is precisely what homeowners can get when they open the windows. Preferably they can open one window on each side of the house to create a draft.

Not only does opening the windows on occasion help reduce air conditioning usage, but it also does well to clear the air. Most indoor air quality is significantly lower than outdoor air quality— even in cities with high pollution rates. For those that live in cities or near roads, opening their windows at night can provide a nice, cooling breeze that helps sweep away airborne chemicals, allergens, and other pollutants that accumulate in the home. 

The Benefits of Indoor Plants

plants In sealed chambers, plants help clean the air by removing pollutants and producing oxygen. However, homes are not sealed chambers. So, the fact is that having indoor plants won’t drastically change the quality of a home’s air. It definitely helps, though. And there are other benefits of indoor plants. They have been shown to improve the mood and even boost the productivity of the people who live in the home. While a few indoor plants won’t necessarily purify the air, they can make a house a pleasant and relaxing place when used with the other tips on this list. 

Filter Changes and AC Maintenance

acIt’s not possible to leave the windows open at all times. Nor is it a great idea to cram a bunch of houseplants inside a home. Luckily, a properly maintained AC system will pick up the slack, helping keep the air clean and the atmosphere comfortable. But proper maintenance requires regular filter changes and system inspections by qualified professionals. 

Those homes with furry friends should change their AC filter once every two months. Those without pets should do so every three months. When filters don’t get changed regularly, they become clogged. When this happens, the AC system has to work harder to cool the home and transport the air around. 

Essentially, leaving a filter in too long is a good way to waste energy. But when the filters are changed on time, and HVAC techs are called in for spring maintenance, homeowners can rest easy knowing that they’re doing their part to keep their home’s energy consumption down. 

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