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Useful DIY Dad HVAC Tips to Keep Things Running Smoothly


This Father’s Day we give thanks to dad for molding and influencing us into the resourceful problem solvers we are today.

Many useful household maintenance and repair tricks were learned under dad’s watchful eye and helpful guidance, including keeping the HVAC system running smoothly.

Now, in recognition of Father’s Day, let’s take a look at some DIY Heating and Air Conditioning tips we picked up from dad over the years, and how we can easily start implementing them in our own homes today!

Dad Always Knew When To Change the Filters

itstimetochangethefiltersDoes thinking about dad changing out your home’s HVAC filters conjure up any memories? Or, perhaps you remember riding with him to the hardware store for the 2nd time that day because he grabbed the wrong size filter replacement?

You probably have some stories, but either way, dad was staying on top of your home’s HVAC system. By replacing filters consistently, your system would provide clean air.

This helps in reducing damage to the unit... from loose particles, and reducing your monthly energy usage. Dad always knew when it was time to change the filters, and we have him to thank for those cool summers and warm winters.

Thank Your Dad For Cleaning The Outdoor Unit

cleantheoutdoorunitDid anyone remember to venture outside to clean the outdoor unit? Probably not, but we bet dad did when the seasons changed.

A well-functioning A/C unit requires a thorough cleaning of the outdoor unit as part of its regular maintenance; this is because it collects a thick blanket of dirt and debris throughout the year, preventing the unit from properly emitting the heat it produces.

When a machine such as an AC unit can’t properly maintain its air flow, there can be a tendency for it to break down and lead to more costly repairs or replacement. So, follow dad’s example, and make sure you don’t ignore the outdoor unit and give it a thorough cleaning.

Follow These Tips to Prevent Air Leakage

Even if you diligently monitor your home’s temperature and change out the filters, it won’t matter if the air is escaping through cracks and unsealed areas of your home.

Dad knew the trick to a properly heated and cooled home was to prevent air leakage and ensure everything is properly sealed. If you need a place to start, here are some useful tips to get you going in the right direction:

  • preventairleakageOpen stud cavities in older homes can lead to an outflow of air from your home; ensure these areas are properly insulated.
  • Caulk small gaps and foam large gaps.
  • Air can escape through basement and attic doors, as well as other doors leading to outdoor areas; install weatherstripping to remedy this problem.
  • Close your chimney flue to make sure your air isn’t flowing up and out.
  • Check your home’s recessed lighting for drafts or gaps.
  • Make sure all outlets and cable holes are properly insulated.

Proper HVAC maintenance is essential to the comfort and smooth running of a home, so be sure to thank dad for his diligence this Father’s Day. Without dad and his example of proper HVAC care, you may not have the good habits and know-how for DIY maintenance that you have today. Cheers to all the DIY Dads out there, and Happy Father’s Day!