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7 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Plumbing System: The Ultimate Guide

spring cleaning, plumbing, plumber, plumbing tips, plumbing checklist

spring cleaning, plumbing, plumber, plumbing tips, plumbing checklist

7 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Plumbing System: The Ultimate Guide

This time of year, many homeowners begin to clear out unwanted items, organize drawers, and declutter cabinets. When you add these items to your to-do list this spring, make sure you're also adding "plumbing system" so you and your family can be safe and comfortable this year. We've provided the ultimate guide full of spring cleaning tips for your plumbing system.


1. Garbage Disposal

We often take our garbage disposal for granted. It's not until it stops working efficiently that we realize just how hard it works for us day in and day out. Don't forget to spend a little extra time with your garbage disposal this spring. Get rid of any foul odors or clogs by simply cleaning it. Remember, though, to never put your hand down there - even if it's turned off.

2. Faucets and Fixtures

Whether leaks or clogs, it's important you take care of your faucets and fixtures. If there's any sediment or debris blockages, it can greatly reduce your faucets flow and pressure. If there's any leaks, it can lead to high water bills or even water damage. Make sure to check your faucets and fixtures this spring to make sure there's no clogs or leaks impacting its ability to operate efficiently.


3. Toilets

While you're deep cleaning your bathrooms this spring, make sure you are also checking your toilets for any signs of leaks. Toilets can leak for quite some time without anyone noticing. If you don't notice any water at the base of your toilet, don't assume there's not a leak. One way to know for sure is to drop some food coloring in your tank. Wait about 30 minutes to check on it. If the water in the bowl doesn't run clear, then it means you have a leak.

4. Drains

Slow water drainage, corrosion, flooding, costly repairs, or even sewage backup are just a few things that can be a result of clogs in your drains. Stay away from chemical drain cleaners and bent wire hangers, and invest in professional drain cleaning if you notice your drains are clogged. Not only is this important for your bathroom drains, but it's also important for your kitchen drains.


5. Gutters

Gutters keep your home safe from water damage, so it's important to make sure you're keeping them cleaned and well-maintained. To avoid a plumbing emergency, have a professional clean your gutters, downspouts and vent pipes this season.

6. Water Heater

Your water heater should be flushed, drained, and maintained by a professional once a year. This will help prevent corrosion, sediment build up, and rust. These three things can impact your water heater's ability to operate efficiently.

7. Sump Pump

Does it rain a lot in your area this time of year? Make sure your sump pump is up for the task! Gravel, pebbles, and dirt can get trapped inside the pump and make it unable to operate. When your sump pump isn't working properly, you're at risk of flooding. Make sure you are having your sump pump professionally looked at this spring.

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