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5 Signs You Need A New HVAC System

5 Signs You Need A New HVAC System

Escaping the Arizona heat is a year-round job and our Wolfgangs team is always here to keep you comfortable. HVAC systems are one of the most expensive and important home systems, so we have provided you with a list of signs that indicate it’s time to replace your unit. Keep reading to find out how to be RIGHT & READY for when the time comes to replace your unit!


Like most things in life, HVAC systems come with an expiration date. Most systems are designed to last between 10-15 years, so when your system hits the 10-year mark, you should begin evaluating if it makes sense to make the investment.

Increased Running Time

If you begin to notice your system running for longer than usual, or kicking on and off more frequently, it’s working to keep your home at the desired temperature. This could be due to a few factors: your unit is no longer able to cool your home, your system is incorrectly sized to your home, you need a refill of refrigerant, or your compressor could be failing. Regardless of the cause, these are all reasons to give our Wolfgangs team a call today!

Inconsistent Temperatures

Do you walk into different rooms of your home and notice a change of temperature? Your system could be short-cycling, which is where your system is too large for your home, the temperature satisfies the system and turns off too quickly. Your unit could also be facing duct problems, poor insulation, or just not working as well as it used to. As your system ages, its performance will naturally deteriorate.

Indoor Humidity

HVAC systems are designed to pull excess moisture out of the air. So, if you begin to notice an increase in indoor humidity your system may need a recalibration by one of our Wolfgangs technicians. If your system isn’t naturally pulling humidity out of the air, it is a clear indication that something is off.

Rising Utility Bills

If your utility bills are beginning to increase and it’s unrelated to the temperatures outdoors, then there is likely a problem indoors. Although, it is natural for utility bills to steadily increase with providers raising their prices, and fluctuations throughout the months, bills should be relatively similar in the same months, but different years.

If you begin to notice any of these signs, let our Wolfgangs team keep you RIGHT & READY with a new HVAC system. Our team will get it right the first time so you can stay comfortable all year long. Give our team a call today at (480) 637-3499 to schedule an appointment.