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3 Efficient Ways To Keep a House Cooler This Summer

Three Tips To Beat the Summer Heat

Sometimes, the summer heat can be hard to beat. Even with an efficient air conditioning system, keeping the house cool all day every day can be harder than it seems. This is especially true if homeowners don’t have their AC regularly maintained. AC maintenance is crucial because it ensures the system always runs efficiently with few breakdowns, and it keeps the homeowner informed of the current state of their AC. 

Still, there are three other ways to efficiently cool the house down this year, and it’s time that homeowners knew about it. These three methods are efficient, but they can even help extend the life of the AC itself. Continue reading below to learn more about the three methods and how they can help keep the house cooler this summer. 

Keep the Cool Air Inclose door

The easiest way to keep the cool air in is to always have the exterior doors and windows closed. For those living alone, this can be a lot easier to achieve. However, if homeowners can find a way to keep all exterior doors and windows closed and all interior doors open, this will help immensely to keep the home cooler. 

Homeowners might also say that they already do this, but their house still won’t stay cool. So, it might be beneficial for the homeowner to call a professional to check the windows and door frames for cracks or other wear and tear. Cool air can slip through the tiniest airways and cause the house temperatures to rise slightly throughout the day. Once everything is sealed, the homeowner shouldn’t have any problems. 

Ceiling Fans Are a Mustfan

Another great way to keep the house cool is to have all ceiling fans adequately maintained or replaced. Ceiling fans actually provide a lot of extra help to the home’s air conditioning system. Ceiling fans don’t require as much energy to run as the AC, so it is recommended that homeowners have their ceiling fans running alongside the AC all summer. 

Some benefits ceiling fans provide are: 

  • Energy-efficient
  • Saves money
  • Extends the life of the AC
  • Circulates the airflow throughout the home

It is important that homeowners ensure their ceiling fans are cleaned and working efficiently before they use them. Using dirty ceiling fans will cause the overall air quality in the home to decrease because it will circulate dust and dirt throughout the house. 

Improve Performace With Regular Maintenance 

Homeowners should also have their AC system professionally maintained every year before the summer hits. The outside AC unit has to undergo some severe weather conditions all year round. One maintenance visit every spring will keep the unit clean and efficient enough to run all summer with little to no issues

Not only will the performance improve, but it will also give the homeowner a heads up if there are any impending problems with the system. They will have yearly records of the condition of their AC as well to give them a better idea of the natural progression of their system. 

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