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With temperatures reaching all-time highs year after year, keeping your air conditioner in good working order is more important than ever. For most homeowners, you don’t give your air conditioner much thought unless it’s not working. Like any appliance in your home, however, it needs attention and care to ensure it’s always in working order - particularly the internal parts of the unit like the air handler.

At Wolfgang’s Cooling & Heating, we are your reliable air conditioner specialists offering a full range of services including air handler repair, installation, and maintenance service.

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What Does the Air Handler Do for Your Home?

For many homeowners, an air conditioner is an all-encompassing word for the entire HVAC system. A vast majority don’t know that there are many internal moving parts that make that AC system work properly - one such part being the air handler.

While there is an outside fan that everyone sees, the corresponding part on the inside of your home is the air handler. These larger units generally take up a closet in your home and make most of the “magic” happen.

These vital appliances filter, cool or heat air depending on the season or your needs, and then distribute it throughout the home. They’re connected directly to your ductwork and are the source of all the air inside your home. This is why choosing to neglect air handler service can be such a risk for you and your home.

How To Tell if You Need Air Handler Repair

Don’t wait until the middle of Tempe summer temperatures to realize your air handler is in need of repairs. As a homeowner you should always be on the lookout for warning signs that often include:

  • Low Airflow:Since the air handler distributes the air throughout your home, anytime you notice that certain areas of your home are taking longer to cool than others or you’re simply not feeling the air at all, an emergency may be on the horizon.
  • Temperature Issues:In addition to distributing air, air handlers also heat and cool air depending on the season. If you’re getting fluctuating temperatures there could be an issue with the coils or heating elements.
  • Noisy Operation:Air handlers are mechanical appliances that constantly work to distribute air throughout your home. Because there are so many moving parts, any noisy operation could be an indication something is loose or damaged.

If these symptoms sound familiar to you then air handler repair service is needed in your home. At Wolfgang's Cooling & Heating we’ve been helping homeowners in Tempe with all their air handler services since 1982. Our technicians will perform through inspections and long-lasting repairs to ensure you get your home back to comfortable temperatures in no time.

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As business and homeowners in the area, we know how challenging hot temperatures can be. Because of this, we offer air handler installation and services when you need them most. With over 30-years of technical experience, we know we can find the source of your problem and fix it in no time.

If your air handler is too far gone for repairs, we also offer air handler replacement as a way to get a brand new system in your home quickly and affordable.

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